Garshom Infomedia Limited, is a registered public limited company. Garshom visualizes itself to be an organization that covers every facet of the NRI world. Garshom Infomedia is driven by it’s commitment to serve the Non Resident Keralites who holds in his heart an array of heart warming emotions of his motherland.

“Garshom” means ‘one who is away from his motherland’, and the company stands for the 10 million NRIs who though away decide the lifestyle of 50 million Indians.

The Singhvi Commission set up by the Indian Government says “the sun never sets on the Indian diaspora”. And Garshom addresses the needs of this ever shining diaspora of Indians. 

To be an umbrella organization bringing all the Non Resident Keralites together, harmoniously working for the welfare of the Indian diaspora.

To deliver quality service to Non Resident Keralites through various activities providing superior value to the customers, shareholders, employees and society at large.


Publishing, T V content production, Online News portals, Social media marketing  and Event management.

Garshom Infomedia Limited has taken over a publishing house which has been bringing out magazines- Garshom Varthe Magazine (International Edition) exclusively for the non resident Keralites since 2002. The company proposes to publish books of well known authors in various languages and Garshom local editions.

TV content production
The company will get into production of T V programmes that will cater to Indians all over the world for telecasting leading channels.

Event Management
The company will organize events within the country and outside to inculcate the Indian values and culture among the new generation of Indians whom are less exposed to their own culture.


The management team at Garshom Infomedia Limited comprises professionals having wide experience in media and other sectors. All members of the Board of Directors are drawn from various parts of the world having either served in leading corporates or are successful entrepreneurs in their own right. Being NRIs themselves, many of them have a clear understanding of the requirements of the target customer base.

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