Garshom Pravasi Ratna Award 


Joseph-JuniorJOSEPH SCARIA Jr.

Mr. Joseph Scaria Junior is currently the Director for Development, Habitat for Humanity International for its Asia Pacific Operations. He is a part of its global management team which has helped build homes for more than 5 million people across the world. It is under his leadership that Habitat for Humanity has launched a new campaign for Asia which aims to build homes for 15 million people. Earlier his efforts had resulted in building homes for more than 4 lakh people in India. His work spanned across all the continents through organizations like UNICEF, ILO-IPEC, ISPCAN, COMMACT, Save the Children India and Habitat for Humanity besides a number of other international organizations. His work centred on people development especially for children, women, rural healthcare, livelihood development, housing and micro businesses. He had also led along with other stalwarts in the development sector an advocacy movement engaging street youth in India to voice for their rights and helped build momentum and win over government attention. This advocacy culminated with a special scheme recognizing street children as a category to be cared for under government welfare schemes. He has been involved in various campaigns and advocacy programs in the social development sector, has founded and supported several organizations and has been conferred many awards. He is also actively involved with the World Malayalee Council. Mr. Joseph Scaria Junior lives in Manila, Phillippines. 

Garshom Pravasi Vanitha Award


Jeny-Verma.mgifJENY VERMA
Bangalore, India

Mrs. Jeny Verma is the founder of Lovedale Foundation, Bangalore that has been doing exemplary work in the field of upliftment of the socially deprived. Lovedale is involved with helping quarry miners understand and be aware of their rights, providing job oriented vocational training for women, new born child nutrition needs and providing education to children. The foundation has opened a school called The Banyan in 2009 which provides high quality English medium education, healthcare and nutritional support to the marginalized children. Mrs. Jeny is a graduate in social Science. Mrs. Jeny Verma hails from Calicut.

Garshom Yuva Pravasi Award



Mr. Musthafa Hamza hailing from Payyannur in Kannur is a good Samaritan to the many Malayalees who end up on the wrong side of the law due mostly to ignorance in Kuwait. He waded himself into social service seeing the plight of many fellow countrymen helpless in a faraway land. He focuses chiefly in providing legal assistance and guidance regarding the government laws in Kuwait to Keralites. His efforts to bring to the notice of the concerned Government officers and political leaders in India and Kuwait several incidents and constant follow ups on the same have been a blessing to several Malayalees, some of whom as a result have even been released from imprisonment receiving a new lease of life. He has also extended assistance to several in the legal documentation process on the aftermath of the death of expatriate Indians, thus easing the process of bringing their bodies back to India providing a big relief to families back home. He has also been instrumental in helping those hospitalized due to injury, accidents and other illnesses. He is in the forefront of the activities of Kuwait Kerala Muslim Association and several other associations in Kuwait. He is currently the Vice Chairman of Metro Medical Group, Kuwait. He is also the bureau chief in Kuwait of Jeevan TV.

Garshom Pravasi Returnee Award


PP-CherianMSqn. Ldr.P. P CHERIAN(retd.)
Kochi, India

Hailing from Ezhakkaranad in Ernakulam, Sqn. Ldr. P P Cherian (retd) has had a long stint serving the country as a disciplined military man in the Indian Air Force. After 21 selfless years of service to the nation, he opted for voluntary retirement and returned to Kerala. Post retirement and returning to Kerala he has been involved with several activities trying to transfer his learnings and experiences to his fellow Keralites and working to contribute positively to the betterment of the land. After having dabbled in a few business ventures, he finally found his true calling in providing solace to the aged and the lonely. Sqn. Ldr. P P Cherian  (retd)  is now fully engrossed in tackling one of the most prevalent present day social conditions  a lack of comprehensive and quality care for those seniors who may be economically independent but who live in solitude due to their close family being away in foreign shores. He has started Cheri Retirement Homes providing assisted living accommodation for senior citizens who would want to lead a community life in a secure environment.

Garshom Special Jury Award



Mr. Mathai Jacob is a businessman with a big heart. He is a strong advocate for optimization of governance and works for the upliftment of the underprivileged through charities and foundations. He manages his own business venture ‘Wallace Group’ based in Lagos, West Africa with offices in London, Hong Kong, Dubai and Mumbai. He is actively involved with several charitable organizations including World Malayalee Council, Global Organization of People of Indian Origin, Indian Professional Forum, Indian Cultural Association etc. He is also the advisory committee member for Kerala State Higher Education Council.

Garshom Special Jury Award


Dr. Raghavan Nambiar has been actively involved in various social and community services for several decades in Malaysia. Though he is among the third generation of Malayalees who migrated to and settled in Malaysia, he is an active presence in many associations that promote Kerala culture and tradition among Malaysian Malayalees.  He has been at the forefront in forming Malayalee samajams namely the founder of Yuvajana Malayalee Sangadena in Kajang, Kerala Samajam in Putrajaya (administrative capital of Malaysia), founder of Malaysian Malayalee Cooperative, Malaysian Hindu Malayalee Parishad and also conducting classes to teach Malayalam language to the young generation who are born and raised in Malaysia. Apart from active participation in many associations in Malaysia, he also did a post Tsunami camp on his own in Sri Lanka and India in year 2004. He was employed with the Public Works Department in Kajang, Malaysia then in General Hospital and is currently a consultant in engineering and Business Development for several companies in Malaysia. He also runs his own Psychologist clinic (psychology counselling) which is free for all. He has his roots in Payannur in Kannur district.

Garshom Best Malayalee Association Award


Chennai, India

All India Malayalee Association, AIMA is a confederation of Malayalee Associations functioning within India. Since its inception in 2007, AIMA has brought together Malayalee associations in over 25 states under a common umbrella. AIMA has stood up to its proclaimed intention of enriching the Malayalam language, culture, arts, literature and tradition of Kerala. AIMA has been felicitating every year eminent personalities from Kerala for their contribution to Kerala and its culture during its MATHRUVANDANAM program. AIMA has also been leading several charitable initiatives like providing infrastructure for extending palliative care to cancer patients, donating Rs. 25 lakhs to Malabar Cancer Institute in the year 2014 and another Rs. 25 lakhs to Adyaar Cancer Institute in 2015, gave away wheel chairs to the physically challenged, providing scholarships and fees to deserving students etc. AIMA deserves to be lauded for their effort to spread brotherhood and unity among Malayalees spread out in various parts of the country. AIMA was founded under the leadership of Mr. Gokulam Gopalan and other marunadan Malayalee leaders.

The Hon'ble Minister for Bangalore Development and Town Planning, Govt. of Karnataka, Mr. K. J. George given away the 10th Garshom Awards at Garden City College ceremony hall, Bangalore on 27 December 2015.

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