LatheefMr. Abdul Latheefis a successful entrepreneur who has found his life's purpose in reaching out to the world around him as the destination or source for his fellow beings to draw compassion and comfort during difficult and challenging times. His concern for the society and community around him has resulted in many philanthropic and humanitarian activities that has transformed many lives. His benevolent and charitable activities are focused around providing education, medical help, housing and financial assistance to the needy. As a result of his timely intervention many educational institutions on the verge of closure due to financial constraints have been revived and are thriving, providing the much needed education to the youth resulting in the economic upliftment of their families.

Mr. Abdul Latheef has supported many bright youngsters who couldn't have continued their education if not for the benevolence of this altruistic entrepreneur. He was also the force behind supporting many homeless families with houses. He has also been providing for free medical treatment for many who can't afford the cost of their treatment. Mr. Abdul Latheef is even working towards interest free financial lending to those in need of loans.

Mr. Abdul Latheef's business enterprises under the flagship company Fadhil Group of companies is spread across the Middle Eastern countries. He also facilitates Hajj pilgrimage tours as a charitable activity. He has built up a large business empire during his entrepreneurial journey that started over 3 decades ago.

He dedicates his community service in memory of his father Kunju Sahib who hailed from Mysore. Mr. Abdul Latheef is ably supported in all his ventures by his family consisting of his wife Zaneera, daughter Sahiya and son-in-law Munzim.