Dhaka-Malayalee-AssociationDHAKA MALAYALEE ASSOCIATION, Dhaka Malayali Association (DMA) was started in the year 2006. The association is an oasis of positivity for its 200+ members and their families residing in Bangladesh. About 60% of members are from the garment industry, 30% are working in the healthcare & hospital industries and 10% are serving in various other sectors. In order to inculcate the culture & tradition of Kerala to the younger generation, to help its members cherish and to showcase and spread the same with other communities in Bangladesh. Dhaka Malayalee Association organize grand celebration of all the key festivals like Onam, Vishu-Easter-Ramadan, X-Mas etc. ever since the Association was started. The Dhaka Malayalee Association  also carrier out many charity activities across Bangladesh. The Association had also donated Rs 1,000,000 to Kerala Government during the 2018 floods in Kerala.

DMA is closely associated with the High Commission Of India in Dhaka (HCI) and always collaborates with all the activities of HCI. During the Covid pandemic, DMA worked closely with HCI in coordinating the Vande Bharath Flights for the India communities in Bangladesh.