Ignatius-MalaysiaMr. Ignatius Muscrinas Sabastian was born in Malaysia to parents who migrated from Trivandrum district in the year 1969. His parents were the pioneers behind the prospering plantation industry in Malaysia which were managed by the British. Mr. Ignatius lived in the plantation for a large part of his formative years. After his primary and secondary education in Malaysia, he completed his Mechanical engineering from the United States of America. After returning from USA in 1997 he started his involvement for change in Malaysia. He joined a group of activists called Community Action Centre. Community Action Centre comprised of fresh graduates who wanted change in the country especially for the minority and underprivileged. He worked with the marginalized in order to educate than on their rights as citizens of the country. His professional work also coincided with his activism as he began his career in the medical sector in 2002. His work in the medical sector also involed helping to bring in affordable technology to improve patient outcome in the public healthcare system. In recognition of his work and role in the healthcare sector as well as a community organiser, he was offered to helm and steer the direction of an international not for profit organization called Habitat for Humanity.

With Habitat for Humanity International Mr. Ignatius Muscrinas was able to create an impact in the affordable housing space that needed reform. He worked with the Ministry of Housing to bring in technology and also financing modules to ensure that everyone has roof over their head.

After his tenure as the CEO of Habitat for Humanity, he started a medical devices firm that helped to fill the gaps within the delivery of services especially in the surgical field. The crusade was to improve the quality of training of medical professionals and the access of the best treatment to patients. Mr. Ignatius Muscrinas Sabastian continues to bring in change in Malaysia with his activities and interventions.