Mohammed GarshomMr Mohammed M, born on October 6, 1957, hails from Kadirur, a quaint village in the Kannur district of Kerala, India. In his early 20s, driven by the desire to support his family, Mohammed made the courageous decision to migrate to Bahrain. Starting in 1977, he took on various roles as an electrician and plumber, showcasing his strong work ethic and determination.

In 1979, his trajectory took a significant turn when he joined the Ministry of Interior as a civilian. Within a year, his dedication and capabilities led to his selection as a policeman, undergoing rigorous armed forces training. Mr Mohammed eventually found his niche in the Coast Guard department, becoming a pivotal figure in various incidents within the kingdom of Bahrain.

Throughout his illustrious career, Mr Mohammed found himself at the forefront of several critical incidents in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Notably, in August 2000, when a Gulf Air flight tragically crashed into shallow waters, claiming 143 lives, Mr Mohammed played a crucial role in the recovery and safeguarding of the accident area. His unwavering commitment earned him praise from his superiors. In 2006, when a boat carrying 52 passengers sank, Mohammed's investigative skills contributed to identifying the culprits and ensuring justice. His efforts were instrumental in preventing an innocent person from being wrongly punished.

Recognized for his heroic efforts, he received appreciation from the Ambassador of India for the Coast Guard's operation in saving 17 Indian seamen in 2008. Mr Mohammed also served as a trusted Arabic translator in the courts, facilitating justice for many Indians and Malayalis.

In 2011, the King of Bahrain honored Mohammed with citizenship for his outstanding service. After an illustrious 35-year career, he retired in April 2014 with the distinguished 'Rise-o Rafa' rank from the Ministry of Interior. Mohammed now enjoys his retirement in Bahrain, surrounded by his wife, five children, and grandchildren. His family has seamlessly integrated into Bahraini society, with his sons following in his footsteps, working in crucial roles for the Ministry of Interior and the U.S. Navy.