SAMA-France Garshom AwardSAMA France stands for Sarva Malayalee France and represents Samathwam or equality. SAMA came into being in 2016 as a result of a realization that the interests of malayalis in France is better served if all of them were brought under one umbrella as one family than being spread out over multiple associations. SAMA France is a nice blend of youth & experience that is united as one to promote the culture & tradition of Kerala in France & address issues & concerns that bother their fellow keralites both in Kerala & outside.

SAMA France during the pandemic has been lending a helping hand to malayali students and residents in France in distress offering them support & financial aid. SAMA France also coordinated with an NGO Distress Management Collective to support them in their effort to provide oxygen cylinders & concentrators & support their volunteer network who were working round the clock to help covid-19 patients.

One of the other big causes SAMA France was involved in was the social intervention & relief provided when Kerala was deeply affected by the floods. As part of this noble cause, SAMA partnered with an NGO Compassionate Kerala to help kids from affected families to get back to school with dignity & pride. SAMA contributed funds to meet the expenses for replacing books, uniforms, school bag etc.

SAMA also helps & supports students who come to France by getting them oriented with the French administration, culture, lifestyle helping them adjust to a new environment with ease by offering them guidance & advice. SAMA also tries to help the students get placed with internships by networking with the members of the malayali community in France.

In coordination with the Indian embassy, SAMA helps estranged Malayalis & hapless students who land in France guiled by the false promises of some shady agents. SAMA helps such innocent victims by providing temporary relief & monetary aid & ensures that their travel back is facilitated. SAMA also runs a Malayalam mission program wherein Malayalam is taught to kids & adults through online medium. SAMA also organizes Onam celebrations & other festivals & traditions helping the malayalee community in France & their younger generation to remain connected to their roots & spread the same to fellow residents & citizens of France.