Thomas Mottackal

Mr Thomas Mottackal, the distinguished Global President of the World Malayalee Council and Chairman of the Tomar Group USA, is an accomplished leader with a background in Electrical Engineering and a commendable 12-year service record in the Indian Air Force. Since relocating to the United States in 1994, after 11 years of professional service in Nigeria, he founded the Tomar Group in 1998, transforming it into a multinational conglomerate with a strong presence in the USA, UAE, and India.

Under his astute leadership, the Tomar Group has flourished, comprising diverse companies such as Tomar Construction LLC, Tomar Construction Services Inc., Mr Thomas Controls Inc., and more. Specializing in major infrastructure projects, the group boasts a stellar track record with over 100 successfully completed water, waste water, power, and marina projects in the US. Notable projects include the Thanneermukkam Bund Phase III and other water plants in Kerala

Mr Thomas Mottackal's commitment to community development is evident in the Tomar Group's initiatives, offering paid training and employment opportunities to young engineers and supporting numerous charitable projects. Noteworthy among these are contributions during the Covid-19 pandemic, honoring fallen soldiers, and aiding the education of students. Tomar Group supports several pain and palliative care units for the poor and sick.

Mr Thomas, a recipient of various awards, including the "Global Quality Crown" from Madrid University, is not only a successful entrepreneur but also a community leader. As the Founding President of the Kerala Chamber of Commerce in North America and the Global President of the World Malayalee Council, he continues to champion the interests of the Malayalee community worldwide. Mr Thomas Mottackal's legacy extends beyond business success, embodying a commitment to service, charity, and community welfare.