Mr. Abdulla Koya is the man who brought about a revolutionary change in the stamp making industry in India. Stamp making in India was quite traditional and hereditarily acquired skilled work. The rubber stamps were made in a conventional manner using types made in the foundries, rubber pad, wooden handle etc. It was Mr. Abdulla Koya who introduced new method of stamp making based on Japanese technology and launched “Sun Stamper” pre inked stamp in India and abroad. The introduction of this technology resulted in opening up the sector and creating a huge opportunity for thousands of educated unemployed in India.

‘Sun Stamper’ stamps and allied products today dominate the stamp market in India, Middle East and Africa.

Mr. Abdulla Koya who hails from Calicut moved to the UAE in 1978 seeking employment. It was in 1981 he started out on his own as an entrepreneur stepping into the stamp making industry with the company Addprint.

AKNOVEL group currently has presence in Asia, Middle East, Africa, Australia, UK and Singapore. Mr. Abdulla Koya’s keen business acumen has helped him establish many other business establishments like National Tile Factory, that manufactures of Roofing Tiles and allied products in Calicut,  Beta Granites that is into building stones and crushed metals for the constructions field,  Mosou Micro Flash Forms a factory making rubber foams and plastic items for stamp making, Walayar Steels a TMT steel manufacturing unit.

Meltrax Electro Mechanical & Communication Systems – which is a major supplier of electrical and telecommunication equipments to the government owned companies in several countries. Also main suppliers to the power projects constructed by the aid of ADB and New Zealand Government.

Mr. Abdulla Koya is married to Nazeema and is blessed with four children – Noora Abdulla Koya, Majidha Abdulla Koya, Ahamed Zayed and Shymah Abdulla.