Anil Kumar Vasu 

Anil-VasuAnil Kumar Vasufrom Chenangoor in Alleppy after completing his graduation had his career start at Pune and then moved on to the UAE. He has been working in the hospitality sector for over 3 decades now. He is very actively involved in several cultural and social forums both in India and Dubai. He has been very passionate in promoting the culture and tradition of Kerala throughout his expatriate life. He has tried to be an ambassador of the culture of India by spreading awareness about the rituals, traditions and art forms to people of other nationalities at every opportunity that was presented before him.

Besides his activities in the social and cultural forums, he has been carrying out humanitarian deeds and activities in India and has been the person to reach out to, to many expatriates during their times of need. He has been recognized and honoured for his service to community by several organizations. He has won many awards in India and UAE. He has also acted in several Mohanlal movies.

He lives in Dubai with his wife Jomol and daughter Archa.