Santhan-Nanu---Garshom-AwarMr SANTHAN NANU, an industry stalwart with an impressive career spread, Mr Santhan Nanu is the founder of Essen Group. Back in 1974, He founded the company which is one of India's largest property developers when he was a diploma holder in Civil Engineering. His skills as a mentor have helped to guide others within the organization, and he has handled all the work on his own, leading to the success of the company. Throughout his career, he was a role-model for the professionals working at his firm, serving as an example for them to build the company as one of the most trusted firms in India. He has demonstrated his commitment to social responsibility and has been active in a number of social organizations and philanthropic activities. The Late Shri Nanu Memorial Trust was founded by him as a means of philanthropic activities. As an entrepreneur, his long-sightedness is to aim for customer happiness and satisfaction.

According to Mr Nanu satisfied customers are the best brand ambassadors and help spread goodwill. As we always place the needs of our customers before our own, we strive to push the boundaries of what we can do. Mr Nanu says. We strive to provide quality construction while protecting the environment and developing sustainably. Despite recessions and market slumps, we have progressed due to sheer determination and grit. Construction and design are of the highest standard while using the most advanced technology and environmentally friendly materials and supplies," he said. A core value of Essen Group is hard work, determination, teamwork, and integrity. Under Mr Nanu's leadership, Essen Group has grown from humble beginnings to a diversified portfolio that includes residential, commercial, and infrastructure projects. In Western India, Essen Group is a prominent player in the real estate and infrastructure business where we are known for being a quality-driven construction brand. In addition to Goa, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, the company is now expanding its construction and building services to other states in the country. A visionary like Mr Nanu also want society to benefit from the company's CSR activities by helping channel the energy and skills of people into productive activities. Through the ‘Late Shri Nanu Memorial Trust’ founded in his father's memory, he undertakes social and environmental activities. Mr. Santhan Nanu hails from Adoor, Kerala.