Supriya Cherian - Garshom AwMrs SUPRIYA CHERIAN, is an experienced audiologist with a well-rounded career. Prior to moving to Australia as a permanent resident, Mrs Supriya Cherian completed her Bachelor of Speech Language Pathology and Audiology with a University rank in Kerala. Currently, she runs a clinic in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia as an audiologist. She has written a number of articles on speech and languages and is quite vocal about it. Having seen the need for a board book among migrant communities around the world, she put a lot of time and effort into publishing one of its kind to help kids learn Malayalam. Children will enjoy this board book with flaps. The Victorian libraries have accepted her books.Europe, the USA, Oceania, and the Middle East have widely accepted this. Currently, she is in the process of publishing more books of this kind, as parents find it useful for their children. There are many more things she can offer the greater community in the future. She is young and talented. Originally from Kerala, she hails from the Kottayam district. George, her husband, and their two children Adriel and Patrick provide her with great support. She aspires to help Malayali children around the world to begin their multilingual journey with the Malayalam language through her experience in Speech & Language therapy.