A P Abdul Majeed


A P Abdul Majeed is an exemplary personality to be looked up to and an inspiration to the new generation. He is an entrepreneur, who values morals and principles and is a humanist. A.P Abdul Majeed hails from the Arippuravan Parakkal family, a prominent family in Melmuri, Malappuram. According to him, the foundation for all his achievements in life were laid during his younger days in the way he was moulded with character by his parents, father A P Saithalavi Haji and mother A T Khadeeja.He is the Chairman of Pals Associates, a trade and Industry chain spread across the gulf countries and the Managing Director of Regal Business Group. Abdul Majeed is a graduate from the famous NSS College, Manjeri. He is a very creatively multi talented person, he was an active participant and winner of several prizes during his college days in Mono Act and Theatre acting. He is a very good orator who can sway any audience by his oratory skills. He forayed into business activities during his student life itself involving in real estate and trading. Abdul Majeed’s acumen has seen his enterprise grow into a large business group that has business interests spread across the Gulf and India. The various enterprises that he is involved in are Regal Mall in Jeddah, Regal Day Today in Yanbu,Mall Avenue in Jeddah, National Pals Electro-Mechanical Supply in Jeddah, Riyadh and Dammam, Regal Sweets in Jeddah (Saudi Arabia), Fresh Ice and Pals Cosmetics, Pals Flex, Al Tawareq Building Materials LLC, Pals Associates, Home Regal,Pals General Trading, Regal Pals, Regal EMT Fittings, Pals Technology LLC, Dubai and Brand Boots (KSA). He has also launched an Insurance Loss Management company based in Saudi Arabia and is in the process of starting a Poly Clinic in Furj Murar, Deira, Dubai.

Abdul Majeed believes that his success is not due to his abilities alone but attributes it to the good wishes of his elders, friends, family and business partners. He strictly adheres to his belief and principle that a share of the income from all his businesses should go towards philanthropic and charitable purposes. He is involved in numerous philanthropic and charity works especially extending to the expatriate community who are in need of support. He is also the Chief Patron of Jeddah based Malappuram Melmuri Expatriates Union. He has been honoured by various organisations for his devoted services to the community.