Paul-T-ManilaMr. Paul T Puthenpurekal is a professional environmental entrepreneur and has been actively promoting sustainable development. His work involves a circular economy context integrating environment, energy and agriculture challenges .

He has over 25 years of experience working in South East Asia, India and the US. Since 2004 he has been Founder and President of Solutions Using Renewable Energy (SURE) Inc. The company has operations in over 10 countries with offices in Singapore, Pune, Dubai, Maryland and Manila.

Mr. Paul has a BSc & MSc in Geology from the University of Pune, a Post Graduate Diploma in Engineering from Germany and an MBA from the Asian Institute of Management, Philippines.

Owing to his environmental passion he has started an organic farm to highlight the interdisciplinary nature of environment, energy and agriculture. The farm is a model for small farmers in the Philippines and is also a case study for integration of technology to enhance the value chain in food production. He is also working with a group of entrepreneurs to create an initiative for clean water and organic food in mega cities.

As a part of his social commitment, Mr. Paul T Puthenpurekal has been working with several universities to mentor studies across a multidisciplinary spectrum with emphasis on circular economy and focus on environment and well being.

He is also involved in providing leadership in mentoring and nurturing the youth towards a balanced way of life. He conducts youth camps to expose young people to an interactive and purpose driven life. He is also a mentor in jumpstarting fresh ideas into business ventures. He has been a part of several start ups hand holding them to raise capital and establish credible market linkages.