Prasanth Manghat


PrasanthPrasanth Manghat is the CEO and Executive Director of NMC Health, UAE’s largest private healthcare company and the second largest fertility care provider in the world. Under his leadership, the growth curve for NMC has been a steep one with a market capitalization crossing USD 8 billion, leading NMC to be a part of the FTSE 100 index. During the last fourteen years, Prasanth has successfully served in key roles within the NMC related businesses and these include the roles of the Deputy CEO, CFO at NMC Healthcare and CFO at Neopharma. As an astute strategist, he spearheaded NMC’s book building process during its IPO in 2012 and raised USD 187.5 million in a record time of less than 100 days of initiating the process.

Prasanth’s elevation as Deputy Chief Executive Officer of NMC in January 2015, marked the launch of NMC’s growth strategy that encompassed capacity creation and capability building to expand into wider and more complex segments of healthcare delivery. It was under his leadership that NMC acquired niche healthcare companies leading to exponential growth for the company over a short period. Prasanth’s tenure also marked NMC’s first foray outside the UAE with the acquisition of a leading provider of infertility treatment, based in Spain and Columbia. Subsequently, he has also been steadily expanding the infertility treatment care business to cover key markets like Italy, Denmark and Brazail. As the CEO, his focus has been on strengthening NMC’s management structure, developing employee engagement and expanding NMC’s key verticals to newer geographies. Prasanth has set lofty goals for the future, aspiring to make NMC the most recognized healthcare brand in the region.

Prasanth Manghat hailing from Nenmara, Palakkad District.