Stephan-SingaporeMr. Stephan Anathas from Singapore is a leader who has been very actively engaging in community service parallel to his professional life. He has been constantly involved in activities and programs with the intention of serving the community. He has held several leadership positions in many organizations. He is a life member of Singapore Malayalee Association, has held office positions in the World Malayalee Council since its inception in Singapore. He was instrumental in organizing the first Onam Celebration in the Government level in Singapore in 2009 and organized first Onam boat race in Asia Pacific Region in 2011. He was the organizing secretary of the World Malayalee Conference in 2008 in Singapore organized a Malayali Heritage and Cultural Exhibition during conference.

Mr. Stephan Anathas has also been a volunteer with the Singapore Grassroots Organization under Singapore government which is a platform that brings people of different backgrounds together by organizing a wide range of programs for residents to meet and interact, encouraging community involvement, raising awareness about community issues, explaining government policies and gathering feedback, as well as helping those in need so as to strengthen racial harmony and social cohesion in the community.  He has held leading positions in the Residents committee, Citizen’s Consultative Committee, The Community Emergency and Engagement Committee, Interracial Racial Confidence circle etc. He was also executive committee member of the Jurong Central Constituency of Singapore’s ruling party- People’s Action Party

He was also the Jurong Town Councilor during the periods 2011 -12 and 2012 -14. Currently he is volunteering in the various Singapore Grassroots Organizations and Secretary of Rotary Club of Singapore Heartlands.