Mr. Biju P Varghesea strong name in the structural steel industry, Biju P. Varghese, has his business empire built across borders, in USA, Europe, Middle East, India, and the Far East countries. Hailing from an agricultural family in Wayanad, his talent as a Civil Engineer and the expertise he earned from over 30 years of experience in the field shapes Aarbee Structures Pvt. Ltd, a unique name in the structural steel industry.

An ambitious man who has become the pioneer in structural steel designing finds providing shelter for homeless people to be one of his purposes of life. He has constituted Aarbee Foundation, a charitable trust to aid destitute families to have a shelter to rest in. A pilot project launched in Wayanad provided houses for two families and two new housing projects are under progress in Kannur district in Kerala.

The master’s philosophy of life is to put trust in God who performs miracles in life. Mr. Biju P. Varghese lives with his wife Shilpa and daughter Maria in Bangalore.

Setting a model in entrepreneurship, he took on a humble start with just two employees at their office in Bangalore in 1998 which later grew into a well-established firm having more than 500 staff members. Mr. Biju P. Varghese is currently the COO / Director of Aarbee structures Pvt Ltd. with head office at Bangalore and other branches in Cochin, Coimbatore, and New Jersey USA.

The man having a kind heart and bold steps to build an empire of his own also extends support to the destitute as a testimony that money alone does not make a complete man.