Dr. Laly SamuelOne of the most influential women in the world of science – this is Dr. Laly Samuel the team leader of chemical standards at the Measurement Standards Laboratory in New Zealand. She is the first-ever New Zealander to be a chairperson of the international committee, Cooperation on International Traceability in Analytical Chemistry.

Dr. Laly has contributed her expertise to the field of analytical chemistry by constituting Virtual Institute of Metrology in Chemistry (VIMC) providing a cost-effective implementation of chemical metrology in New Zealand. Honoring her contributions to chemical and technological research and development found her a place among the 2,000 outstanding scientists of the 20th century by the International Biographical Centre, Cambridge, England in 2000.

Dr. Laly is a permanent presence in international forums for science, sharing her know-how to the various science enthusiasts from around the globe. Named in ‘Marquis Who’s Who in the World’ in 1999, she was listed as one of the top 100 influential women of New Zealand in 2016. Dr. Laly had completed her post-doctoral studies at Rikkyo St.Paul’s University in Japan in 1990 under William memorial fund scholarship.

Hailing from Punalur in Kollam district in Kerala, Dr. Laly is actively involved in various science forums and is a member of the Ph.D. review committee with Cochin University of Science And Technology. Her husband Dr. Babukutty Yohannan is working in New Zealand as an environmental scientist. The couple has two children Merrila and Milin.

Apart from her passion in science contributing a lifetime to the achievements in the field of analytical chemistry, Dr. Laly is also a humanitarian involved in acts of charity in several countries.