Ente KeralamA gathering far from home that feels like family – this is Ente Keralam Australia the association that continues to spread warmth among the families from Kerala. Started as a humble gathering of some seven families back in 2011 for an Onam Celebration in Oak Park Victoria, ‘Ente Keralam’ gradually evolved into a remarkable community engaging with people from all walks of the society.

The vision and mission of this organization is to be actively involved in Australia, the multicultural hub of the world, shaping up the Malayalee community to address the growing challenges of the fast-changing world simultaneously upholding our great tradition and culture.

The organization has played a key role in promoting cultural and linguistic awareness and interests of Malayalee society as well as enhancing furthering pluralism and diversity. The forum strives to bring the members closer with a passion for the Kerala identity and its coexistence with the Australian ethos.

The association has been in forefront raising money helping out the people who suffered the devastating effects of Kerala floods. It also extended its support to various government and non-government organizations in advocating charity to the destitute.

‘Ente Keralam Australia’ imparts cultural awareness to young minds and help preserve the cultural heritage interlinked with the cultural fabric of Australia. It is also an avenue to showcase creativity and talents through various events launched over time. The organization is thus a hotspot of cultural diversities, preserving it at its core and providing an avenue to share what is rendered as life.