Mr. Swaroop Rajan Mayilvahanam, The scion of the reputed Mayilvahanam group in Kerala, Swaroop Rajan Mayilvahanam, has trodden his own path to build his business group in Kuwait. His philosophy of life – think big, think fast, and think ahead – has helped him form the SRM group of companies which is into a diverse business sectors with clientele spanning across several countries.

The SRM or Swaroop Rajan Mayilvahanam group is a global brand envisioned by this young entrepreneur that has nine organizations under a single umbrella in the field of investments and finance, infrastructure, entertainment, general trading and contracting, engineering, construction industries and mining.

SRM group by Mr. Swaroop has the foundation built with the expertise and experience earned by three generations of the Mayilvahanam group. The family business started as bus services under the name Mayilvahanam back in the 1930s in Kerala.

Like the diverse spectra of his businesses, Mr. Swaroop is much into charity through is corporate social responsibility initiatives of the SRM group. A major share of the profit earned by these companies under the SRM group is channeled to various trusts active in humanitarian activities. The group is also enthusiastic in supporting the underprivileged bringing them to the mainstream.

SRM group played an important role by actively involving in the relief operations during the devastating Kerala floods in August 2018. Mr. Swaroop also cherishes his dream to engage the advancement of technology in preserving the ecology.