Tiby KuruvilaMr. Tiby Kuruvila,A start-up company by a Keralite in Japan has now sprawled across borders building a strong client base delivering the most advanced technology to support the business. Tiby Kuruvila hailing from Kothamangalam in Kerala tapped the potential of Artificial Intelligence to make the lives of humans a lot easier. His company Pinmicro bagged several accolades for start-up in Japan and the US.

Mr. Tiby Kuruvila is the Co-Founder and CEO of Pinmicro, one of the leading start-up companies in Japan. An entrepreneur, he has used his expertise in shaping Innovature group which has made its presence in Japan, US, Singapore, and India.

Mr. Tiby Kuruvila is also a good orator who delivers his mesmerizing speech on a wide range of topics among the business and political circles. He is also an active speaker in start-up meetings in Japan, directing the young entrepreneurs to the right path to success.

Mr. Tiby started his expedition in the world of technology as an employee in an IT outsourcing firm in India after completing his bachelors in Computer Science and Engineering in1998. A visit to Japan the next year changed his entire outlook on life after coming to close contact with the Japanese work culture. He decided his showground to be Japan and became the first Indian engineer to work as a technical architect in a telecom company there. Mr. Tiby started Innovature Labs in India in 2005 aiming to create new employment and business opportunity by solving human resource issues. The company now functions in four countries.

Proving the entrepreneurial skills Mr. Tiby took only three years for his latest venture Pinmicro to grab the attention of global players using providing them with features of safety, security, and location-awareness at an affordable cost using artificial intelligence.

Mr. Tiby Kuruvila is not just into technology and business, but a humanitarian who is passionate about lending support to people in distress. He is an active member of Nihon Kairali, a Malayalee association in Japan. He is married to Nigi Gibson and the couple has two children Johaan Basil Tiby and Jewel Maria Tiby.